LIVING BODHI TREE came into conception in 2012. What began as a 'seed-thought' has slowly grown to become a body which aims to raise the level of the human consciousness so that those who endeavor to will be in conscious touch with the world of creative ideas and the realms of intuitive perception.

"The emphasis is laid on right thinking, loving desire, and pure, clean living. Only thus can the creative work be carried forward with safety, and only thus can the thought-form pass downward into objectivity, and be a constructive agent on the plane of human existence."

As part of this initiative, we seek to unearth and sow the integral pathways to transpersonal growth in order to broaden, elevate, and illuminate human consciousness. We believe this can be achieved through the harmonious and integrated actions of body, mind, and spirit—flowing unimpeded as One. We seek to preserve and promote the ancient treasures of beauty, harmony, and love as exemplified in the modern human ideals of the revelation of Love, the illumination of the Mind, and the evocation of the Will.



  • to plant the seeds and lay the foundation for inner transformation as a bridge to outer transformation (this includes but is not limited to improving the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of each individual who wishes to live and serve more authentically in the world)

  • to help others to stand in spiritual being (as we ourselves are learning to stand) and find their place and purpose more speedily

  • to promote the ever-growing consciousness of the human race of its oneness with all creation, and to respect the harmonious and vital interrelationships existing throughout the Universe

  • to establish a network of integrated pathways or "branches" with the common purpose of unfoldment of potential and conscious cooperation with the evolutionary process and order of the Universe

We inspire to transform, and to be transformed. These lights must wake to each other.


We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.

— Simone Weil