Life Coaching: Let Transformation Take Root in Your Journey

We must take the journey together in order to make it worthwhile for all life in the Universe.



To fulfill our collective purpose here on Earth, our Higher Self is always ready to assist our lower self (ego) in recognizing its roots. Yet, we have been going through life with a veil that has caused an illusion of separation for aeons of time. How do we lift that veil once and for all? All contemplative practices that encourage inward reflection and awareness of our true nature aid in the process, and together with communion and connection, form the missing link that confirms that separation is no more than an illusion of despair. This re-linking to who we are is our personal religion…a vow we made to experience the edges of ourselves and creation, to forget who we are by becoming absorbed in the experiences of duality, all in order to finally know ourselves and return home. Such is the Great Experiment of our time. Only having reached the lowest depths of perception and density (the gravity of ignorance becoming evident), we are beginning to now infuse the highest form of love frequency into the lowest form of matter and energy that exists on this planet and to raise it and merge it with the higher frequencies of Light.

For aeons we have been “weeping and wailing through our valley of tears” struggling to find our way Home through trial and error. Now, It is time for all of us to begin using our powers wisely and create realities that are worthy of who we are. This is the Bridge to Freedom. Will we be part of the quantum leap into higher frequencies than we have ever experienced?

In order to give ourselves permission to breathe these new consciousness codes, dormant within our being, we must come to terms and acceptance of all that we have taken upon ourselves on the physical plane — our beliefs, judgments, opinions that have caused us and those we love pain and suffering. The fear-based consciousness of our past ways of thinking cannot co-exist with the new promise of Oneness and Love towards all our brothers and sisters. Beneath all the trauma and painful human mis-creations, are the exquisite patterns, imprints and memories of what Cosmic Harmony feels like. We all possess this Life Force as part of our feeling consciousness. And this innocent primordial energy wills us, in a myriad of ways, to remember how to find it in our awareness so that it may be transmuted back into Light and Loved FREE.

If you are ready to move into your Power, Love, and Light that is the Reality of who you are — a divine Son or Daughter of God in embryo, waiting to be born, you have taken the first step. Now, through co-creation with our Higher Self or Spirit, with our spiritual guides and angels, and with our fellow human beings - we have the en-courage-ment we need to release all judgments.

I am happy to help you take this next step upon the Spiral of Evolution. Through heartwarming sharing and activity, let us together serve all Life evolving by coming into perfect alignment with our Divine Plan and our highest good, that we may help others achieve their Divine Plan and their highest good. In this miraculous shift of the ages (from separation to oneness), all brothers and sisters, who like us have taken a fall from Grace, have the opportunity through our awakening hearts and minds to choose to embrace Earth’s Ascension process in its Full Glory and Light. We are not there just yet, as we each have a great deal to accomplish toward Earth’s Ascension process.


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