The Ego's World

The ego permits us to see a world outside ourselves, one that is separate from us. It allows us to explore this world and discover what its surface and depth are made of.

Although each one of you is still unique and different, there is a unity of differences at the same time. The ego’s natural incessant drive of wanting to know what the duality world is made of has dual value; it removes the fear of the unknown and bridges the gap to our Spirit Source. Since the ego is outward oriented, it seeks happiness through external values such as wealth, power, and sensory enjoyment. In its relentless pursuit of happiness, the ego loves things like cars, money, food, as well as other people, and if it cannot get any pleasure out of these, it develops an aversion toward them instead.

At this stage, the ego’s love isn’t true love; it is only attachment. It attaches itself to anyone or anything that could promise even an ounce of happiness. Thus, the ego is out to grasp, achieve and control but it isn’t able to give anything.

Eventually, every person who functions exclusively through their ego will be so dissatisfied with empty attachments to external things that they begin to wonder who they are, and whether there can be such a thing as real love in life. When this awakening occurs, the desire is born to give something without expecting anything in return. It learns that the joy of giving is so much greater than the pleasure of taking. This is the beginning of true love. When the ego lets go of its original role of grasping and taking, it expands to a less self-centered role, the role of giving and sharing.

In time, loving others and giving freely from the heart isn’t enough anymore. The ego’s now greatly expanded sense of self finds there is a deeper love inside that even the greatest love for, or from, another person cannot match. This love is the love for oneself.

The world is no longer able to satisfy this thirst for love and the desire arises to be with oneself, to go within, and discover where this love comes from. The ego increasingly surrenders its ‘power of causing separation’ to spirit’s ‘power of unification’. Its mission is finally accomplished when there is no more reference to the outer world in order to know itself.

The stages of the ego can be summarized as:

Moving from ‘I want___’ (to be happy, loved, fulfilled, healthy, etc.)

To ‘I want you___’ (to be happy, loved, fulfilled, healthy, etc.)

To ‘I AM’.

In dissolving our superficial shell which is no longer required as we met all needs from within, we come to realize that I AM MY I AM PRESENCE.

Spirit and matter are perceived as One. It is the ego’s purpose and role to take us there.

For further reading, please see: “WHAT IS THE REAL WORLD?”




Know that there are no negative or positive events, people, or situations in life

Lesson 2: Know that there are no negative or positive events, people, or situations in life.

They only come disguised as such. All of them are there to assist you in reaching your full integration with your Higher Self. There is no real separation or distinction in the universe, only change of form for the best of all. Know yourself to be loved beyond limitation, for everything that you are represents a piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle of life. The struggles and polarities you need to go through to help build this larger picture matter very little. What matters is that you are always an essential part of it, no matter how happy or sad life may appear to you. You are precious in every respect. Outer appearances are deceptive and do not reveal your Divine nature. Feel this in your heart, for knowing this within is your doorway to freedom, happiness and all possibilities.


“Divine Love is the force that sets the Cosmos into action. It is the cohesive power of the universe and must be present in every heart in order for lasting peace to manifest. It is practical and infinitely present throughout the universe. Through this Love our Mother God reveals our own divinity and confirms the divine Truth that each and every one of us holds a unique golden thread to the tapestry of life. Every single thread is necessary and critical to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Within the embrace of this Mighty Force our faith in ourselves is renewed and we remember that we are valuable sons and daughters of God. With this realization, when it registers in our conscious mind and our heart, we will never again say:

What good could I possibly achieve?

What valuable am I?

What difference will one soul make?

Within the embrace of our Mother God’s Love, we grasp the truth that we have been created and sustained by our God parents, because they have chosen to express some beautiful manifestation through us. We are each destined to fulfill a portion of the glorious Divine Plan, and it is now time for us to release the unique perfume and music of our being to bless all life. The purity of our individual fragrance and keynote is unlike any other ever released by the evolving sons and daughters of God on this Earth. Something sacred is hidden in each of our beings that has never been known by another.

It is time for humanity to accept this divine Truth and to stand revealed as our mighty I AM PRESENCE grown to full stature in the physical world of form.

Our purpose and reason for being is to be the bearers and transmitters of this Transfiguring Divine Love.

As we assimilate this Love, our old stagnant beliefs and patterns crumble away and the divine ideas from the Mind of God fill our consciousness. Our very beings assume a new vitality, beauty, purpose and meaning.

Compassion replaces condemnation,

Forgiveness replaces accusations,

Healing replaces disease,

Abundance replaces lack and limitation,

Love replaces hatred and fear.

When our hearts are filled and overflowing with the Divine Love of our Mother God, our physical bodies are transformed.

Our hands radiating forth Love bless all they touch,

Our eyes seeing through Love perceive only perfection in all life,

Our ears filled with Love hear the music of the spheres,

Our nostrils breathing Love inhale the fragrance of the Holy Spirit.

Thus we are renewed and transfigured. in this exalted state of Divine Love we speak with wisdom, compassion, tenderness and understanding.

In this state of consciousness we are perpetual instruments of our Mother God’s Love and all is well.”

(quotations from the celestial message of Patricia Cota-Robles, Vlog 136 - Becoming an instrument of our Mother God’s Love,

How to Live a Life Without Judgment

Lessons for Mastery of Life


Consciously give meaning to and bless whatever happens to you.

Lesson 1: Consciously give meaning to and bless whatever happens to you.

Knowing that we give meaning to everything we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, conceptualize, can we distinguish the attributes we’ve placed on things that essentially have no dual meaning. Do we recognize that the meaning we place on things and images, then charges our thoughts with energy - either positive or negative - thus placing whatever previously had no meaning on the spectrum of duality. Thus our thoughts become the images we’ve made - they are based solely on the ways we’ve altered the present reality into a past or future creation. Do we wish to continue to limit ourselves in the illusions we’ve perpetuated over time? Can we now see the limitless potential found in the zero point of the present moment, before we even begin to name a thing or give it meaning? When we realize that ‘I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me’ we can then begin to question anything we see as not the ultimate truth. What is true is limitless and free, whereas our thoughts are the invented imprisonments we’ve created, bound to either the past or future. Anything that is bound engenders fear and we initiate a perpetual cycle of seeking safety for that which is not.

How do we begin to let go that which is not based in reality? By blessing it with utmost joy. I bless it with the most intensified frequency of forgiveness and love until it no longer binds me. I accept it with loving gratitude for helping me understand another facet of duality and know that it has served its purpose to help me see that which is limitless. In the awareness of oneness that is the pearl of being in the Divine moment, I accept and bless every thing and every relationship as a teaching meant to help me dissolve my own inner divisions. Being grateful is the most direct way to dissolve the consciousness of division and unite with my limitless Higher Self. I bless others in their health and abundance, in their mistakes and judgments, their aggressions, illnesses, and unkindness, I bless them in every conceivable way because I know how painful it is to be imprisoned in my own illusions and pray that they too find forgiveness and redemption in their thoughts and be released of having to relive the great separation from what is Holy and pure. I step into my role as co-creator with the Most High, where nothing exists in isolation, where minds are joined and there are no private thoughts, and I bless all life and magnetizing wonderful loving relationships in every area of my existence, that I may enjoy what I create with everyone to share.

I see through the eyes of forgiveness.

I see the world as blessed.

A Vision that Surpasses

The natures of the people of this world are constantly floating, just like clouds in the sky.

Sagacity is like the sun, Wisdom is like the moon. Sagacity and Wisdom are always bright, but through being attached externally to sensory realms, the floating clouds of false thoughts block the self-nature (which is naturally empty), rendering it obscure. What I think I see now (judgements based on dualistic perception such as gain/loss, fame/slander, praise/condemn, happiness/sorrow) is taking the place of vision. I must let it go by realizing it has no meaning, so that vision may take its place.

I have judged everything I look upon, and it is this and only this I see. This is not vision. It is merely an illusion of reality, because my judgments have been made quite apart from reality. I am willing to recognize the lack of validity in my judgments, because I want to see. My judgments have hurt me, and I do not want to see according to them.

There is no sense in trying to understand it. But there is every reason to let it go, and make room for what can be seen and understood and loved. I can exchange what I see now for this merely by being willing to do so. Is not this a better choice than the one I made before?Lesson 51


If the dualistic realm (of 3-D living) were like the clouds in the sky, realizing Truth (connecting to our SOURCE - SELF, HOLY SPIRIT) is like the sun shining through a small hole in the clouds. The hole itself may not be very big, but the light from the transcendent Absolute (non-dual) realm is able to penetrate through. That is why it was mentioned that in order to be a Saint, one must diminish the dualism. Once all the clouds have been removed, there is no more obstruction to the enlightenment of the Absolute realm.

I am willing to rec­ognize that my thoughts do not mean anything, and to let them go. I choose to have them be replaced by what they were in­tended to replace. My thoughts are meaningless, but all creation lies in the thoughts I think with God.”* Lesson 51

While people put so much emphasis on fame, gain, praise, and happiness and think that these things define their existence, Confucius likened them to clouds in the sky (same as loss, slander, censure, and sorrow). Just like clouds, they can come and go, they are only temporary, and the only thing that endures is the sky itself. The sky may contain the clouds for a time, but it is not defined by the clouds. In this way, the sky is like our Spirit; it is both void and constant.

So what are we to do with our fear, our anger, the clouds that cover the love inside us? Relinquish them to the Holy Spirit.

When we’re angry, or upset for any reason, we’re asked to say, “I’m angry but I’m willing not to be. I’m willing to see this situation differently.” We ask the Holy Spirit to enter into the situation and show it to us from a different perspective.

“I am never upset for the reason I think because I am constantly trying to justify my thoughts. I am constantly trying to make them true. I make all things my enemies, so that my anger is justified and my attacks are warranted. I have not realized how much I have misused everything I see by assigning this role to it. I have done this to defend a thought system that has hurt me, and that I no longer want. I am willing to let it go.Lesson 51

When Michelangelo was asked how he created a piece of sculpture, he answered that the statue already existed within the marble. God Himself had created the Pieta, David, Moses. Michelangelo’s job, as he saw it, was to get rid of the excess marble that surrounded God’s creation. So it is with you. The perfect you isn’t something you need to create, because God already created it. The perfect you is the love within you. Your job is to allow the Holy Spirit to remove the fearful thinking that surrounds your perfect self, just as excess marble surrounded Michelangelo’s perfect statue.
— Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love


A Prayer to Let all things be exactly as they are:

Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation, and distort it into sickly forms. Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity, and thus to let it be as You created it. For thus will I be able, too, to recognize my Self as You created me. In love was I created, and in love will I remain forever. What can frighten me, when I let all things be exactly as they are?


*God and the Absolute realm are likened to mean the same — essentially, the sky that IS and encompasses every passing cloud, beyond dualistic perception, without distinction of light and shadow, but what remains when the objects casting shadow and creating the distinctions that appear are removed.

No Victims, No Perpetrators

When we have no more ill-feelings left in our heart that need to be subdued or cut out, we can also no longer have any desire to see others punished for whatever ‘wrong’ they might have done.

Jesus once said ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

Collectively, we are still in need of constant mirroring back to us what we are doing to ourselves. What we get upset about is not what happens out there, but what we still have stored inside us. The current situation out there serves as a trigger for us to forgive and accept ourselves for having done what we at one time felt to be wrong, and around which we created guilt (which has NO Cosmic basis). It doesn’t matter in the least what we have done in the past; what matters is how we deal with it now.

After having judged and been judged enough, we eventually find it in ourselves to forgive and be grateful to anyone who has ever been an instrument of turmoil in our lives. We learn that those who have put obstacles on our path actually made us stronger. They have taught us that we could remove these obstacles, if we choose to (through the courage of an open heart). The memories of what they ‘did to us’ remain strong and alive to serve as our guiding posts on the road to self-empowerment and self-love.

Once you arrive at the place of loving acceptance of all differences, enmity ceases to exist for you. We are challenged to embody more and more of the universal law of acceptance, which denies nothing that exists or takes place. It has no preferences; every detail of expression is precious and plays an important role in the creation and evolution of life in the universe. We can become just as accepting of the dualities as these are the very source of life itself, simply because we are that Source. We are that Oneness which is capable of accommodating all opposites and differences without even a trace of conflict.


RADICAL FORGIVENESS (a powerful tool developed by Colin Tipping) teaches us that when we hold on to the idea that something wrong or bad happened (creating guilt, shame and blame), we can move through stages that shift our mindset away from victimhood, by saying 'Wow look what I’ve created’, 'I notice my judgments and feelings but love myself anyway', 'I’m willing to see the perfection in this situation/moment’, and 'I choose peace'. It involves a shift in perception that allows us to see that what happened was actually perfect from a spiritual point of view.

The only prayer that may be appropriate is to be yourself. It is the prayer of acceptance or BEING. Being yourself is all that is needed to benefit the ALL. Being love, compassion, peace, balance, harmony, happiness are the most effective prayers there can be and inspires others to be the same. Knowing that you are an expression of Divinity radiates that expression out for the world to see and gives way to the bliss of being one with our Higher Self.

Each moment is a Divine Moment.

Accepting what is, versus controlling, manipulating or rejecting it is perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do to solve any kind of problem in life. Asking for something better than it already is would take us out of the Divine Moment. ‘Being in the moment’ serves as a constant prayer to our God within; it is our connection to our Highest Self. Gratitude for all that is, and the way it is, will become known as the best-guarded and most powerful secret of success. This cannot be manipulated, for that would take you outside the present moment, the moment of being.

The Divine Moment, which is a field of all possibilities, is not held back by the past and it is not plotted into the future. It is free and ever-present, at each segment of time. In this sacred place, you are at peace with yourself and at peace with your world. The very moment you enter the state of grace, (through acceptance of what is) you are complete. Knowing your completeness, you feel fulfilled. You are still, you are Love, and you are full.

When we are in the Divine Moment, the peacefulness of non-judgment or non-preference, our DNA strands become attuned to one another and operate on the same frequency level or vibrational harmony.

Gemini Festival & The Christic Principle

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you will be released from suffering.”

As good men and good women enter this world, “to fulfill hundreds of thousands of myriads of millions of wishes and succeed in hundreds of thousands of myriads of millions of undertakings in both the present and future”, to achieve all their aspirations and goals individually in the crucible of experience so that it may penetrate into the living consciousness and bear fruit, we cannot help but seek to develop a true sense of the word 'individuality' — each tucked string on the bell tells a story — the clarion call of the self rings our name.

Man is a psychic entity, a Life Who, through radiatory influence, has built a form, coloured it with His own psychic quality and thus presented an appearance to the environing world which will persist for as long a time as He lives in form.
— A.A.B., Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I.

Each mortal thing does one thing and the same … deals out that being indoors each one dwells”... and so we speak and spell and cry out 

What I do is me for that I came.” 

Yet, we all come across a stage where more than just our body, the lower self with its name and influence begins to deteriorate and turn to dust — where it loses its spell and charm — and the dim recognition of the great sufferings, of the karmic obstacles from past lives that have not yet been resolved, bring an impelling crisis or tension which begs us to see beyond our limited scope of individuality and examine the laws and principal characteristics of the nature of life.

And so the human being must begin to raise himself above his own individuality. Beyond the limitation of the self he links himself with the all-encompassing Self or Soul that identifies with the greater Purpose or Plan, in which he himself is part of that very purpose, as manifested through the outer form/appearance, expressing that hidden quality and sentiency of the soul, in the great all-pervading field and constellation of Life/Spirit that gives birth to the myriad diversity of forms. 

And so, the just man takes his place with those martyrs and thinkers, shares their wisest thoughts, the noble ideals and fascinating music; in other words, he is “sensitive to their group vibration, and thus able to co-operate intelligently with the unfolding purpose.”

The cause of human history, and more importantly, human evolution as it proceeds, is determined by what takes place within man’s own heart and mind — not by what happens in the skies. The wise initiate in the Hall of Wisdom takes his knowledge and understanding and justices; “acting in God’s eye what in God’s eye he islovely in limbs and lovely in eyes not his …” thus, he comprehends within himself his divine or noble nature — the same which he sees “through the features of men’s faces.

>>see poem by G.M.H. 'As Kingfishers Catch Fire'

Serving in love and self-forgetfulness he purges his own selfish ties and attachments to his personality and becomes as “Christ — for Christ plays in ten thousand places.”

To serve is the highest contribution that we could render to others, to uphold our human dignity and creative intelligence, to maintain peace, harmony and calmness in our life — for if we are good by nature and others are good by nature, then fences become redundant.

Now, in the fullness of time, and through the work of evolution there is emerging a group who perhaps will bring salvation to the world, and who— embodying the group ideas and demonstrating the group nature, manifesting in a small way the true significance of the body of Christ, and giving to the world a picture of the true nature of a spiritual organism—will so stimulate and energize the thoughts and souls of men that the new age will be ushered in by an outpouring of the love, knowledge and harmony of God Himself.
— A.A.B., A Treatise on White Magic


(from A.A.B., Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I.): "The work of Christ, and His main mission two thousand years ago, was to demonstrate the divine possibilities and powers latent in every human being. The proclamation which He made to the effect that we were all sons of God and own one universal Father will, in the future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolic statement, but will be regarded as a scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and our essential immortality will be demonstrated and realised to be facts in nature. He came, He said, not to bring peace but a sword, and esoterically, He has been the "Cosmic Divider." Why? Because, in establishing unity, He also makes a distinction between body and soul. Body and soul are, however, only two parts of one whole, and this must not be forgotten. In establishing the fact of the soul and its expression, the body, the totality emerges in completeness. 

When the hypothesis of the soul is accepted, when the nature of the spiritual energy which flows through the soul is admitted, and when the mechanism of the force centres is studied, we shall make rapid progress towards knowledge. When, through meditation, experiment is made to produce creatively some of the beauty contacted, some of the ideas revealed and some of the patterns seen, we shall learn to cultivate genius and understand how to train people to work creatively. Then much will be discovered about the centres in man where the divine principle has its dwelling, and from which the Christ within can work. The study of the super-conscious must be undertaken, and not simply the study of the self-conscious or of the sub-conscious. Through this study, carried forward with an open mind, modern psychology will eventually arrive at a recognition of the soul."

Thus, the “Freedom of the two” (duality, polarity; and the subsequent suffering caused by the tension between opposites) is attained when the individual can function, if he so chooses, as a fully self-identified individual, yet possesses simultaneously a fully awakened universal awareness; the one who has an initiated consciousness preserves the individuality as well as the universality.

BASIC PRINCIPLES (#16 and #17)

(drawn from The New Spiritual Exercises:In the Spirit of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin by L. Savary) 

To recognize that union differentiates. 

    - the more completely you give yourself to creating union (in togetherness, friendship, marriage, family, teamwork), the more clearly your own identity is clarified. 

    - the law that “union differentiates” states that while participating in any “organized whole the parts perfect themselves and fulfill themselves.”

    - a well-organized whole is a union that has a genuine and intrinsic life of its own. You experience your uniqueness and highest capacities precisely when you function as part of a greater whole. It is always the parts interacting in relationship to the whole that accomplishes things.

    - relationships always bring complexity. You learn who you truly are by making your life more complex. And with complexity, as you welcome it, comes consciousness-among other things, a growing consciousness of your true identity and your capacities, more of your wholeness.

To synthesize all things in the Universal Christ. 

    - When most of the human cells in the Cosmic Christ become aware not only of their own identity and work but also of their larger identity and work as part of Christ’s Body, then the Christ Project will be approaching its fulfillment. The members will not only be a part of the Cosmic Christ, as they have always been, but now they will know it.

Gemini ~ Goodwill Festival
Full Moon in Gemini ~ Sagittarius
Tuesday, May 29 14:20 UT


The Festival of Goodwill takes place during the full moon of Gemini and is dedicated to the spirit of humanity – aspiring toward divine Love, seeking conformity with divine Will, and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. At this time the spiritual and divine nature of humanity is recognized, with an emphasis on creative Intelligence. Also at this festival the deep energies contacted at the Festival of Wesak are given expression and anchored. 

GEMINI is the sign of divine interplay but ultimately, it is the will to love which governs the relationship and which finally brings about divine synthesis. Gemini is, therefore, one of the most important of the twelve signs and its influence lies behind everyone of them - a fact but little realized as yet by astrologers. Because the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the second ray, pours through Gemini it becomes apparent how true is the occult teaching that love underlies the entire universe. God is love, we are assured, and this statement is both an exoteric and an esoteric truth. This underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini, which forms, with the constellation of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle.


Should We Be Striving for Self-Improvement?

Some say it’s misleading and we shouldn’t focus on “striving” towards something — others say keep striving and reaching new heights in life. So which is it? To strive or not?

Julian Huxley says: “Life should lead to the fulfillment of innumerable possibilities — physical, mental, spiritual and so forth — what human is capable of. And humanity is capable of greater and nobler things.

He also says: “He (human) can see himself as part of a vaster whole, an enduring process, hopefully directed. By his own efforts he can help in its maintenance and by realizing his own individual possibilities he is contributing his unique quota of actual fulfillment.

When there is capacity, ability, and faculty, then the Great Ones joyfully employ him.
— A Treatise on White Magic, A.A. Bailey

To be capable. First, we must realize that we are capable. That we carry a tremendous position of power in the great plan of the universe because of our divine intent and the measure and magnitude of a human being (and what exactly that entails) . . . but that we are also not yet truly "liberated" in the fact that there is some aspect — some superhuman quality — that we have not yet fully grasped or assumed control of. That due to our nature to deviate, to distort, to separate, to limit, to think personally, we must pass through this phase of human effort and consequent experience in order to liberate and “free” ourselves from the bonds of limitation and truly redeem our divine purpose and state of divinity.

Yet, we must also remember that our role towards liberation and release from being controlled by matter and form to the One who observes and controls and directs form is not merely for ourselves . . . “You do not conquer for yourself, but your triumphant state is important for the general good.” 

It is a Capacity that makes one available for group work and that can be extended under careful instruction into the higher powers of the soul. Leadership in groups controlling the work of the New Age will grow out of the discipline of the individual, and leaders will be found among those who sense the inner issue. Leadership that endures does not come to those who strive for place and power nor for those who have their eyes only on outward conditions and overlook the underlying causes. Leadership does not come to those who place the personal self and its position and power before the good of the group. It comes enduringly to those who seek nothing for the separated self, to those who lose themselves in the good of the whole. (Agni Yoga)

Let us therefore remember the necessity of a correct use of the mind, and (at the same time) let us ever hold a position beyond and detached from the creative work of our minds, desires and physical accomplishment. (TWM)

I have only one word to say and that is, persist. Failure never prevents success. Difficulties develop the strength of the soul. The secret of success is ever to stand steady and to be impersonal.
— A Treatise on White Magic, A.A. Bailey

You are born into this world to do some good and not to pass your time in idleness. If we are indolent, then we are a burden to not only ourselves but to this world and humanity. We must think of rising higher in goodness and wisdom. But we must not compare both our success and heedlessness with others. This is where our striving can potentially cause more harm than good. We must gain perspective from those wise and great beings who’ve come before us and blazed the trail ahead. We mustn’t compare our journey with anyone else’s. This leads to unnecessary thoughts and doesn’t develop the right attitude we need to be of true service to the world. Seek to be wiser than who you were yesterday (and not with who someone else is today) by cultivating your mind, concentration, morality and wisdom. If we are like logs floating to the ocean, no one else can steer us in which direction we must go. Yet, we may face many obstructions and obstacles along the way; steering off course in our trajectory and needing to employ our intuition and spiritual perception to reveal the direction that will guide us back home. Steadfastness towards source, the origin and the goal is something only we can realize and cultivate through our own development of consciousness and understanding of our human nature. It involves steady vision, one-pointedly directed towards a specific objective.

As the Upanishads highlight:
“From darkness to light
From the unreal to the real
From death to deathlessness.”

This is our shared human destiny(*see note below). This is what must be wrought out individually in the crucible of our own experience. As the intuition develops, the radius of awareness grows and new fields of knowledge unfold. 

By sustained cultivation of our human nature, we will ultimately achieve our divine goal — our divine nature. Only by achieving our divine nature, we can learn to see the veil of illusion(**) that hinders our progress and be able to adequately discern which attributes are welcome and unwelcome at our house. We will also develop an impartiality towards the pairs of opposites that make up the duality of human nature with its constant ebb and flux … gain and loss, praise and blame, fame and ill-fame, happiness and sorrow … they are part of the great sea of suffering(***) and only when we can detach ourselves from each wave of emotion as it breaks can we live as real and dignified human beings.

As human beings at a certain stage of evolutionary unfoldment, we are (or should be) conscious participants with Deity in the tremendous drama of creative evolution and we can make definite contribution to speed its consummation. There is a grandeur in our vocation with its service objective, but we should not lose sight of the universal aspect and emphasize our individuality(****). Our service, in other words, should not be rendered with a selfish and egoistic attitude — based upon where we can gain most individual benefit from. Such is an inferiority complex and we should strive to free every being from an inferiority complex.

I will close by sharing the following sayings: 

“The tree of civilization has its roots deep in spiritual values which most of us have not realized. Without these roots the leaves would have withered and left the tree as a lifeless stump.”

“Our own part in helping to increase the light and to reveal it in the darkened places of Earth is becoming clearer, for the destined role of humankind as the planetary light-bearer is becoming widely recognized.” (SES)

Human is regarded as the highest fruit of the tree of evolution. How we approach this through the ability of our constant striving and development of our inherent virtues determines how sweet or how bitter our fruit will be.

“Do not take yourself so seriously, and you will find that you will release yourself for freer and more potent work. Take the Plan seriously and the call to serve, but waste not time in constant self-analysis.” (TWM)

The danger here is so subtle that much care must be taken by a disciple in self-analysis. It is so easy to be glamoured by the beauty of one’s own ideals and vision, and by the supposed rectitude of one’s own position, and yet all the time be influenced subjectively by love of personal power, individual ambition, jealousy of other workers, and the many traps which catch the feet of the unwary disciple.
But if true impersonality is cultivated, if the power to stand steady is developed, if every situation is handled in a spirit of love and if there is a refusal to take hasty action and to permit separation to creep in, then there will be the growth of a group of true servers, and the gathering out of those who can materialise the plan and bring to birth the new age and its attendant wonders.
— A Treatise on White Magic, A.A. Bailey


(*)Human destiny:  “…if the aspirants and disciples of the world will shoulder their group responsibilities, submerge their personalities, and achieve true realization. Humanity must be more diligent and more intelligent in the working out of its true destiny and karmic obligations. When men are universally en rapport with the custodians of the plan and their minds and brains are illumined by the light of the intuition, of the soul and of the universal mind, when they can train themselves to respond intelligently to the timely impulses which cyclically emanate from the inner side of life, then there will be a steady adjustment between life and form and a rapid amelioration of world conditions.” 

For what is a disciple? He is one who seeks to learn a new rhythm, to enter a new field of experience, and to follow the steps of that advanced humanity who have trodden ahead of him the path, leading from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real. He has tasted the joys of life in the world of illusion and has learnt their powerlessness to satisfy and hold him. Now he is in a state of transition between the new and the old states of being. He is vibrating between the condition of soul awareness and form awareness. He is "seeing double”. (A Treatise on White Magic)

(**)Veil of Illusion: As far as humanity is concerned, it is the time wherein man is enveloped in mist and fog, and lost in the miasmas arising out of the ground (symbol of the foundational nature of the animal kingdom). Yet at times this stage is seen to be unreal as the dawning light of the spiritual consciousness pierces through the surrounding darkness. It is the interlude between the dominance of the animal consciousness and that of the spiritual, and this interlude of astral illusion is only known in the human family. There is no astral plane except in the consciousness of the fourth kingdom in nature, for man is "under illusion" in a sense different to the conscious awareness of any other kingdom—subhuman or superhuman.

(***)Sea of Suffering: See therefore how the life of all aspirants, if progressing with the desired rapidity, is one of constant movement, constant changes and differentiations, and continuous building and breaking, planning and seeing those plans disrupted. It is a life of ceaseless suffering, of frequent clashing with the environing circumstances, of numerous friendships made and transferred, of mutation ceaseless and consequent agony. Ideals are transcended only to be found to be stations on the road to higher; visions are seen, only to be replaced by others; dreams are dreamt only to be realized and discarded; friends are made, to be loved and left behind, and to follow later and more slowly the footsteps of the striving aspirant.

(****)Individuality:  It is the sense of I-ness and the spirit of separative individuality which has brought humanity to its present condition, and yet even that is a part of the great developing process. It is the consciousness of duality, and the subjectively realised and synchronously acknowledged sense of "I am God" and "I am form" which has plunged mankind into the great illusion.
It is self-conscious existence in form. It is awareness of identity in relation to other identities, and this is equally true of God or man. It is a sense of identity, however, which persists only during the creative process, and for as long as the matter aspect and the consciousness aspect present the eternal duality of nature. In our evolutionary development it is not realised in the sub-human forms; it is realised in the human kingdom, and is realised but merged into and negated by the greater forms and consciousness which we call the superhuman.

Personality is that state of awareness which has its conditioning factor in the mind stuff, but this can be transcended when that mind stuff no longer controls. As the individual mind stuff is an integral part of the Universal Mind, and as the principle of mind is inherent in all forms, the sense of individuality and of self-awareness is always eternally possible. In the higher states of consciousness, it is however, eventually relegated to a subordinate position.

A Letter to My Mother

When I hated my mother, I was hating myself.

When I loved my mother, I was loving myself.

When I learned to respect my mother, I was learning to respect myself.

When I distanced myself from my mother, I was distancing myself from my pure and true self.

When I found myself close to my mother, I was returning to my original nature.

When I forgave my mother, I forgave myself.

My mother is a reflection of me. She is my mirror, exposing my vulnerabilities.

I come from the same blood, I came from my mother.

If there is something I do not like about her, I ask myself, What is it that she is exposing within me? What part of me is responding in fear, in anger, in greed? What do I need to change within myself?

However I treat, behave, think towards my mother, is a reflection of how I am in my life.

I thank her for everything I am.


Ask yourself, how do you feel about your mother?

It is how you feel about yourself.

Ask yourself, how can you change your attitude, your beliefs, your relationship to your mother?

How does it then affect your attitude, your beliefs, your relationship towards yourself.

To love is to forgive.

To forgive is to accept.

I cannot change who my mother is.

I cannot ask for another mother other than the one God gave me.

I can only change my relationship towards her.

I can only change how I think, see, feel, act.


If I cry for all the things I’ve done to hurt her, I am asking for a purifying flood to wash through me and cleanse me of my wrongdoings.

I cannot change the past, but I can learn from it.

From my present actions, the future unfolds.







Let these be the last words you say to her each time.

Synthesis of Spirituality


…thus we play our part within the “Great One in which we live and move and have our being in.”

There is a divine Plan for humanity: it has three main goals — the revelation of Love, the illumination of the Mind, and the evocation of the Will.


This next development of the plan will produce in man an understanding —intelligent and cooperative—of the divine purpose for which the One in Whom we live and move and have our being has deemed it wise to submit to incarnation.

In those three words—living, moving and being—we have the entire story. Being is awareness, self consciousness and self-expression. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence and adhesion to an idea. Moving indicates the integration and response of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity.



Live each experience with divine Love. Transmute the energies in the heart, moving from the lower energies that diminish into those that energize. Energies stimulate us in different ways - some helpful, some not. Focus on those that generate a sense of harmlessness to yourself and others. Release fears, worries, doubts that inhibit the higher being within. Cultivate understanding of each emotion, observing without placing attachment or judgment but learning to sit side-by-side with it. Become a trusty companion. Learn to live in the calmness and light of the heart, a bright mirror, that reflects with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude for each unresolved matter. 


"Without the development and refinement of the heart it is impossible to have any movement forward, any progress, because at the base of every building there must be placed a great magnet of the heart. So the representatives of the new race will be distinct due to the refinement of their heart. This is the key to all aspiration." (Heart (Agni Yoga), ss. 115)

"All of the finest and subtlest cosmic energies flow through the heart: all the subtlest, signifying all the most potent and all the most creative. But in order to draw these creative energies it is necessary to light one’s fire." (Heart (Agni Yoga), ss. 116)

"This holy fire is a burning love for all things, all people, all life. It is the love of God seen in the smallest blade of grass, or in the eyes of the newborn babe." (The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, Page 130)



Often our mind is riddled with perplexing thoughts and confusion. We move between pairs of opposites (duality) — this or that. Happiness or misery. Hope or loss. Joy or suffering. The pendulum swings, and we move with it. Nature is full of cycles of ebb and flow but it is often effortless, whereas we struggle to make sense of the changes we face. We resist. That is our difference. We feel fear so we try to resist it and place walls and barriers. Immerse/bathe in the experience with divine love. In love, we can overcome our greatest difficulties. Do not turn away from it but open to it. Let the mind dance with each wave, with a keen and aware eye to not be dragged undertow but to swim “above” the currents. Know when to leave and exit, where to release and lighten your load. We live each experience in the heart, but the ultimate navigator is the mind. Become skilled in maneuvering and utilizing your ship, across the expansive sea. Know the path and stay true to course. It’s easy to be distracted and to sail off-course but the important part is to know how to return to our centered course. Keep focused on each task, a steady stream unfolds with each movement we make that is aligned with our higher mind, or intuition. 

All movement, all action, begins in the mind first. Everything we’ve created / done began in the mind first. Take care of nurturing your thoughts, like seedlings. Sow those that will blossom into the most beautiful flowers and fill your garden.


"We pull out the weeds again and again, but the major attention is on cultivating the flowers and the vegetables, watering them, protecting the weak shoots, transplanting some for sturdier development, pruning them and finally harvesting them and putting them to constructive use."

"Every physical movement, it has been found, is preceded by a conscious – or more often unconscious – visualization of it. Every image, speaking metaphorically, is immersed in a struggle for survival with the countless other images already existing in the unconscious and flowing in from out- side. So, if we want an image to be effective, we have to charge it with considerable energy by fre- quently holding it for a time before the mind’s eye and feeding it with our attention. Enjoyment of the work is a great help in this, and we should make the images as attractive as possible." (SES)

"You can bathe in… the river of divine love. You can bathe in it, immerse yourself in it spiritually, and be purified. You can find the purification necessary to rise into the higher states of consciousness, into spiritual freedom in this lifetime."

"When the pendulum swings—as it must and does—towards that which we call dark, evil, and undesirable, it produces in those of you who are oriented towards the light a tension which results in discomfort in all the bodies, and is specially sensed as depression by the physical body. The more sensitive your body, the greater your responsiveness to this form of temptation. It is one of the things which specially hinders the aspirant. It renders him negative and receptive from the form side, and slows down his vibration. It prevents achievement and his service to the world suffers in consequence. The cure for discouragement does not lie in cultivating a violent counter vibration. It lies in the wise use of the mental body, and in a capacity to reason logically and to see the cause of the conditions, which lies either in your own personality or in your environment. Thus poise will he attained. It lies also in the appreciation of Time as a solvent as aforesaid. It lies also in the stilling of the concrete mind and a subsequent linking up with the soul and, via the soul, with the egoic group and consequently with the Master." (A.A.Bailey)



You are not simply the body or form you have chosen to manifest in this lifetime. Yet, each decision we make to move out from our soul-consciousness is shaping us spiritually for what’s to come. Nothing is pre-destined. Our destiny is constantly evolving and changing, through our ability to express ourselves as Souls. True soul-expression is reflected by how much we can give / offer the world we inhabit, based on the information received and encoded within us. The more we come from a place of love and gratitude for this life and the blessings bestowed, for the soul to be able to live its mission and move into the world, the more fruitful our service and gifts to others will be. We each have many contributions to make based on the assignments we accept. The more we can accept those from a place of soul-consciousness — that is, an expression of our soul nature — the more positive impact we will create and leave upon this world.


"If your destiny is to move forward spiritually because you’ve earned the right, that information was made known to you between lifetimes." (Harold Klemp)

"The aspect of control through magnetic energy and the attractive force in the spiritual eye, which is the dominant factor in magical work, is the correspondence to the soul. In a most mysterious sense, the soul is the eye of the monad, enabling the monad, which is pure Being, to work, to contact, to know, and to see.

Through the controlling magnetic power of the spiritual eye, the soul rebuilds the astral body and holds it steady and coherent through its focused attention." (A.A.Bailey)

"Just as the physical eye came into being in response to the light of the sun so the spiritual eye equally comes into being in response to the light of the spiritual sun. As the aspirant develops he becomes aware of the light. I refer to the light in all forms, veiled by all sheaths and expressions of the divine life, and not just to the light within the aspirant himself. As his awareness of this light increases so does the apparatus of vision develop, and the mechanism whereby he can see things in the spiritual light comes into being in the etheric body.

By its means, the spiritual man sees behind the forms of all aspects of divine expression. He becomes aware of the light of the world, and contacts the soul within all forms. Just as the physical eye registers forms, so does the spiritual eye register the illumination within those forms which "illumination" indicates a specific state of being. It opens up the world of radiance." (A.A.Bailey)


"Synthesis of spirituality is the rarest gift; it alone kindles the light of the world. Nothing can be compared to the light of the world. The light burns, but its ray is being sought.”
(Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 212)

I find myself within the ranks of those who serve the great Plan. I must work in love and service, with utter self-forgetfulness. This is the way of Love.

April Meditation

April Meditation

<<affirm>> I, the Soul, have full power to express myself through the forms and various planes of this human kingdom and the various faculties I possess. No longer will I hide or shelter my truth and my essence from its true manifestation, no longer will I be guided by the various sub-bodies but I will direct the fruitful expression of my chosen service — the impulse of my solar being of love, light and power to restore harmony and unity in both inner and outer worlds. I live my gifts and potential in everyday life.

In this meditation, we will relax our physical body, endeavour to quiet our astral body (emotions) as far as may be, and to steady the mind.

It may help to visualize the body, heart and mind as three burning lamps or flames – forming a triangle. At the center (apex), is the Soul impulse that overshadows and directs each aspect – imbuing it with the light. See the lower three-fold aspects of the personality – physical, emotional and mental – as aligned and in rapport with the overshadowing Soul, channeling that light and anchoring it on the physical plane. The three aspects are the various channels of its expression and manifestation (as form). They will honor, trust, cherish the soul in every decision and delegation.

Keynote: "When the three blaze forth as One,  I immerse myself in the Infinite and expand the Cosmic thought."

Together one unified body — a synthesis of elements responding to One. Our efforts are One — no longer will we go against our true nature — the Soul. Body, mind, and heart — we come together to aid the mission of the Soul. To serve in love, to focus on the present and not relive past ways, to lean towards the light, letting it shed what illusions we may still possess. In strength and patience we will diligently carry forth the plan, for this next chapter.




White Stone (Sign of Cintamani or Horse of happiness), 1933 by Nicholas Roerich

White Stone (Sign of Cintamani or Horse of happiness), 1933 by Nicholas Roerich

Find happiness in life in creativity,
and turn your eye to the wilderness.
You have light from your wings
Find courage and curiosity to approach the
hidden secrets.
What if I fall? Can I be so sure my wings
are not plastic, made to melt by the sun?
What is real and unreal?
Focus on what is real:
The great gift of love to God
The spirit to aspire into the radiance of Truth
To peer into the future - to strive for
immaculate art.
With your wings you are still not free,
Until the vision becomes clear and you
Diligently carry the lamp given to you.
The path is there, do not turn away.
Walk in your boldness, take rest knowing that
The great is in the small detail.
Each act serves the purpose
In joy, success.
Smile at your strength, goodness, and knowledge.

-by Enrica

WINGS: (author's note) I am brought to the image of Icarus and the wings made of wax that melt as he flies too close to the sun. This is a reminder of trusting in our ability to carry ourselves freely, yet not eagerly approaching a level of advancement and expansion when we are not yet ready. Humility in our current place. Understanding both our weaknesses and strengths. Awareness, meditation. Had Icarus meditated and reflected more deeply, perhaps he wouldn't have sidetracked himself to take the leap or perhaps, in an air of trust yet practicality, he would have diligently proceeded -- to take the middle path. Not too high, not too low. Discipline, knowledge of the path, knowledge of oneself. Proceed with the light within. The light emanating from the heart, into the wings. The heart is the great regulator and intermediary.

What is in a Name?

The term 'Living Bodhi Tree', when it first appeared to me as an intuitive spark or impression 5 years ago, though formless and imperceptible at the time, was clearly implanted in my consciousness ever since - an ode of loving synthesis, a breathing and merging of three aspects into One Body, or Being (as we call the three aspects of the one breath). Fusing together, creating something entirely distinct, yet not separate, from what had previously existed.

From the top of the mountain looking out at the "greater picture" or the essence, the formless encompassing substance, one must also be able to descend into the valley, to carefully consider what specific lines of thought had driven the climb and journey of ascent - in other words, to return to the Origin. And so, here I take the Name, which can then be broken down into its subsequent parts or aspects.

Esoteric teachings suggest that Three is the creative and active principle of the Divine, and hence we can divide the overall meaning as far as the name is concerned into three aspects also. I will consider each one separately first.


1. a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground.
2. a wooden structure or part of a structure.

“The natural world is an essential phenomenon through which we may better come to know the divine.”


The tree represents creation as a whole, symbolic of the entire Earth, its various peoples, cultures, creatures and ecosystems. No two trees are alike, and there are many different species of trees, each having evolved in significance based on the region in which it is found. To Hindus, for example, the banyan tree represents fertility, love, and life, and it is believed to be home to holy trinity of Hindu gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). Buddha found enlightenment while meditating under the bodhi tree, and bodhi trees are found next to Buddhist temples throughout Asia. Mohammad was said to have compared a good Muslim to a palm tree, and stated that planting such a tree was a satisfactory substitute for alms.

In addition to their many practical gifts, trees have long been sacred to people. Forests served as humanity’s first places of worship, and still evoke a sense of the divine.  From the massive cathedral groves of redwoods, to the knarled olive trees of the middle east, to the signature fat-trunked baobab of Africa, trees evoke something in us that reminds us of our connection to the natural world, as well as the divine.


BODHI (from Bodhisattva):
noun, Buddhism.

1. supreme knowledge or enlightenment.
bodhisattva, a seeker of the bodhi, one who endeavors to become a Buddha or World Teacher
bodhi tree, the tree under which Buddha acquires enlightenment.

Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, a Bodhisattva of the East, once said: “Observe the existence of the self within the bamboo forest.” She goes on, “The Bodhisattva always lives in the forest in the valley.” This means that within each of us there dwells a Buddha of Mercy. If we look at the Chinese character for valley, (谷), it becomes clear that it refers to the Door or Portal that is set within a forest.


Thus, the gate of Truth rests within. The portal to Infinity. “When all outward props fail and when all the apparent authorities differ in the solution proffered, then souls are thrown back upon themselves and learn to seek within. This inner contact with the higher self is becoming apparent in gradually unfolding degree, and leads to that self-reliance and inward calm which is based upon the rule of the inner God and which, therefore, makes a man an instrument for service in the world.” (A.A.B., A Treatise on White Magic, p129-30.)

When we have found the Buddha or Presence within, let us follow its guidance and be with it at all times. 


The question then arises: How can this awakening and coordination be brought about? What steps must be taken? Faced with these questions, the true teacher finds a difficulty. It is not easy to make clear the esoteric and paralleling activities which are the result of character building. So oft the aspirant is anxious to be told some new thing and when he is told some old truth—so old and so familiar that it fails to call forth a registering response—he feels that the teacher has failed him and so succumbs to a sense of futility and depression. However, this must be met and the questions must be answered. (ibidem, p200)

In the past, life was much simpler and, on the whole, more peaceful. Our ancestors did not feel such a strong yearning for truth as we do now. For thousands of years, the Great Teachers, the saints and bodhisattvas of all the major world religions have preached the seed of truth, have shared their wisdom through teachings and texts, and have prepared humanity for what was to come, what we as humans could not have foreseen ever happening to us. Their mission was carried out for the benefit of humankind, so that humans could continue to thrive and find peace on earth. Yet, the present state of the world affairs indicate otherwise. So intense is the suffering felt from the external circumstances that many are recognizing an adjustment in mental attitude is needed. Human actions, particularly the obsession with greed and desire, have led to compulsive behaviors that continue to multiply on a massive scale. While the saints and bodhisattvas have paved the way so that we may return to our true nature and pure conscience, we must be the ones to rightfully correct our behaviors and continue the propagation of the essence of truth.

“These Elder Brothers (Saints and Sages) of humanity are characterized by a love which endures, and which acts ever for the good of the group; by a knowledge which has been gained through millennia of lives, in which They have worked Their way from the bottom of life and of evolution well nigh to the top; by an experience which is based on time itself and a multiplicity of personality reactions and interactions; by a courage which is the result of that experience, and which, having itself been produced by ages of endeavour, failure, and renewed endeavour, and having in the long run led to triumph, can now be placed at the service of the race; by a purpose which is enlightened and intelligent, and which is cooperative…"To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent."  Knowing the plan so well, and having clear, illuminated vision, They can bend Their will unflinchingly and unswervingly to the great work of creation by the power of sound.  This leads to Their silence where the average man would speak, and Their speaking where the average man is silent.” (A.A.B., Initiation, Human and Solar, p25)



1. alive.
(of water) perennially flowing.

Living, contains the very principle of Life, this basic essential of Being, and this mysterious elusive factor is the correspondence in man of that which we call spirit or life in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holds together, animates, vitalises and drives into activity the form and so makes of him a living being, so Life performs the same purpose in the universe and produces that coherent, living, vital ensemble which we call a solar, or planetary system.

“This stream of living energy can nevertheless be sensed in a large way, though not as yet appropriated in its pure essence. We call it the "love of God". It is indeed that free flowing, outgoing, magnetically attractive force which leads each pilgrim “home to the Father's House.” It is that force which stirs in the heart of humanity and finds expression through the medium of world avatars, through the mystical yearning found in every human being, through all movements that have for their objective the welfare of humanity, through philanthropic and educational tendencies of every kind, and (in the natural world so-called) through the instinct of protective motherhood.” (TWM, p321)


“The soul, seated in the heart, is the life principle, the principle of self-determination, the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held in their right place and subordinated to the "will-to-be" of the soul.”

We are living souls, working through personalities, and not personalities actuated by occasional soul impulses. In other words, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.” (Teilhard) 

We are therefore, living conscious souls, working through coordinated personalities— energized into activity by the need of humanity itself.


It is this living germ or “seed” which can expand into the divine flower of the Son of Mind, the Manasaputra, and as the thread which leads back into the realm of the Universal Mind.



is when “the result is greater than the sum of its component parts”, or when divine purpose is steadily working out its objectives.

In those three words—living, moving and being—we have the entire story of the Name. Being (steady like a tree) is awareness, self consciousness and self-expression. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence and adhesion to an idea (in this case, to the abstract ideal or essence of truth to be found). Moving (as a Bodhisattva from the inner Place or Seat of the Soul and out into the world) indicates the integration and response of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity.

From certain aspects, therefore, this process indicates human's unity with everything that is material; it demonstrates that we are part of nature itself and by nature we mean the body of the one life in whom "we live and move and have our being." Living Bodhi Tree is essentially a return to this state of oneness, or synthesis, a Communion with the Intelligence within, which is simultaneously expressing itself outwardly through creation.



“When the sun progresses into the mansion of the serving man, the way of life takes the place of the way of work. Then the tree of life grows until its branches shelter all the sons of men. The building of the Temple and the carrying of the stones cease. The growing trees are seen; the buildings disappear. Let the sun pass into its appointed place, and in this day and generation attend ye to the roots of growth.” (Ancient Scripture)

Rites of Spring: Equinox, Balance, and Rites of Passage

"The great and divine transition from the past into the future, and from the old into the new, from experience into fruition and then into experience again. The realities are eternal and undying; the forms are ephemeral and temporary; the soul is persistent and deathless; the form is changing and doomed to die. The processes of evolution have in the past and will in the future prove successful in bringing forms to birth, to maturity and to death."
"This is the new thing and it is in this that we are all participating. It is the death of the personality of humanity and the coming in of the soul."

Thus, to strip the layers of clothing, "the veils of illusion," is for humanity itself to stand at the point of interest and significance, to be for the first time aware of the process. To choose intelligently to observe what is going on and to relate it to experience and to environment.

During the Spring Equinox, a time of balancing the forces at play and of transition, the great relationship between spirit and matter is truly brought forth to vision, revealed, and becomes conscious of itself. It is the spiritually self-conscious human being, the present conflict, the state of existence between the spiritual element and the material aspect. "But the divine plan of evolution was based upon the production of this relationship between spiritually conscious man and the form aspect, and thus the great Law of Duality came into action, bringing about the "fall of the angels," as they descended from their sinless and free state of existence in order to develop full divine awareness upon earth, through the medium of material incarnation and the use of the principle of mind."

A balancing of the two will gradually take place, with the weight of world idealism gradually shifting into the realm of Soul unification. In other words, Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesized by Life, which pervades them all.  

“Happy are those who are born as humans ... for that is the way to final liberation,” says the Vishnu Purana. The “final liberation” it mentions does not refer to our own release from the thralldom of being controlled by matter and by form and our liberation into the radiant life of the Spiritual Being – although that is necessarily included in the processes of redemption in which humanity plays a crucial role; it refers to the liberation through us of all created beings. This is our true vocation. It is the reason why we are enjoined to “attain and conquer. You do not conquer for yourself, but your triumphant state is important for the general good.” (Agni Yoga, par. 616) 

This is the goal that all true knowers and spiritually minded people down through the ages have set themselves: to bring in the rule of the Kingdom of Souls and to carry forward the work that the Great Ones (Christ, Buddha, and others) inaugurated – the era of peace on earth, goodwill toward all. 

INVOCATION to sound forth the note of PEACE and GOODWILL:

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part. (1935) 

All italicized quotations from The Externalization of the Hierarchy (Copyright ©1998 LUCIS TRUST)



A human is a spiritual entity in incarnation and in touch, through the mind, with the Universal Mind. (A Treatise on White Magic, p. 637)

A human is that being in whom highest spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence. (A. Besant)

A human is an animal, plus a god. (A. Besant) 

The relationship between spirit (divine and human) and matter (the physical world):

  • spirit is the origin and term of evolution. spirit created matter, remains with it and within it, sustains it and will bring it to its complete fulfillment.
  • spirit is the power of unity scattered throughout the fragments of the universe. spirit, working in matter, is the unifying force in creation, bringing all the elements of creation to ever-higher levels of unity or oneness.
  • spirit is the force driving everything toward synthesis and sublimation, that is, toward higher levels of existence. spirit explains why everything in the physical world is evolving.
  • spirit is continually leading the universe toward some more spiritual state
  • spirit is personal, not some abstract or impersonal force such as gravity or electromagnetism. Spirit wants to inspire us, individually and collectively, to create a world reborn in consciousness.

February Theme [+ Meditation]


Note: Before listening to the meditation, it is suggested that you carefully read through the February Letter as a preparatory guide. If some of the thoughts, ideas and concepts seem challenging to fully grasp or understand, simply continue forward and allow time for them to sink in. It is not meant to be digested (transmuted by the heart and mind) all at once. Certain teachings may make sense to you at a later point in the day or week, which is the mind's way of working through new substances, and you may come across something that sparks a flashing forth of intuition, letting you see what was previously ignored or neglected through a different approach and manner. At the bottom of the document, you will find an outline of the stages of the meditation work that serves to accompany you as you listen to the track. [ Click here to open the February Letter ]

Gratitude and Loving Presence [+AUDIO]


If you say to the universe, “How may I serve you?”, and if you allow it to come from the love and kindness in the heart, then the universe will respond saying “How may I serve you?” And if you take a step back and realize all the things that the universe is sending you in response, all the things that the universe provides you in order for you to live your purpose, maybe you will find that glimpse of gratitude. Everything you have in this moment, everything the universe has already provided you since the day you were born, are all in place to help you arrive closer to serving your purpose. Close your eyes and think about it for a moment. You ask the universe, how you may live your purpose in the world, and the universe says first, through gratitude. And you feel the recesses of your heart, and notice one by one the things placed in your life that are meant to serve you and help you live your purpose. Your family, your parents, your spouse, your children, your loved ones who motivate you and inspire you to be the best you can be. Your hobbies, your talents, your passions, your gifts, one by one you notice all the unique and special characteristics that make you you. One by one you become aware of more things you can be grateful for. Intellect, strength, voice, vision, character… slowly you realize everything you can be grateful for in your life plays a role in the unfoldment of your purpose. Each aspect has its part in the greater whole and synthesis of your soul’s progression as a continuous development and becoming. Because in truth, we are not entitled to what we have. We should not feel entitlement for everything we have at this point, as if we deserve it. To assume this is to lose sight of our nature - as infinite creature. When we carry ourselves with the gratitude and sense of freedom that comes with it, none of this belongs to us. We are grateful because we realize the gift and grace of being one with our higher mind, soul, world soul, higher Cosmos. You are correlated, coordinated, and connected to everything that makes up the soul of all things - the anima mundi - underlying all consciousness. You are here as the expression of the soul, through the qualities and characteristics, vibrations and colors that you choose to illuminate through your conscious response. In their sum total across all human beings, they reveal what is the nature of the divine life and of the world soul - the collective consciousness. 

By being grateful, one discovers the inner peace within, and one becomes eternal. In gratitude, we find integration, or at-one-ment, with our surrounding environment and our identification can become all-encompassing to include all persons and things.

Therefore, gratitude is an endless continuity… it asks us to be present to it now, each and every moment we come in contact with the authentic Self — to recognize ourselves on the Soul level, present and aware of our experience as form and energy, matter and spirit, the substance of life, merging as One.

To think about it as “well, I know I am a grateful person because in the past I’ve expressed such gratitude numerous times” is not the same as being grateful right now for the past. We must make a conscious response to be grateful now — and that requires us to be present to the Self — to that center of pure consciousness. The more aware we are of it, the easier it is for us to stop whatever it is we are doing in a particular moment and feel a sense of gratitude.

You can be grateful for the past, but you can only be grateful in the present. You can be grateful that you have a future, but you are grateful now.
— Brother David Steindl-Rast

We cannot change the past, we cannot change how we may have responded to it, but we can change our response in this moment — by cultivating and expressing our gratitude we connect with a profound sense of appreciation for all the good things that have already come into our lives. And that oddly enough tends to cancel out any fears, worries or doubts we may have about our past and future. Because we choose to be consciously present to Life as it is unfolding — and the preciousness and beauty of it which can only be realized through our awareness of our participation in it as a creative factor and utilizer of the energies of the cosmos. When we do that, the power of gratitude elevates us to an entirely new level of spirituality. That of a higher purpose — that we are meant to contribute somehow to the divine plan or purpose … beyond any achievement tied to our personal self-interests, goals, or motivating factors. 

When our role as creative and proactive agents in the evolutionary plan of humanity becomes realized, we become a focal point for the transmission of divine energy and hence a builder in union with the building energies of the Cosmos.

You are here to enable the divine purpose to unfold - that is how important you are.

PRACTICE: What are some ways in which you could connect with this infinite source of Gratitude?

The Secret to Happiness

A story:

The traveler asked: "I wonder what will the weather be like today?"
The shepherd responded: "That which I like."
"How do you know that it will be the weather that you like?"
"Because I discovered, sir, that I cannot always have that which I like, I learned to always be content with that which I have. Thus, I am confident that we'll have the weather that pleases me."

Saint Panteleimon the Healer, 1931 — Nicholas Roerich

I will take this statement one step further and say that we must learn to be content with that which we are, and not just have. We all carry and possess a body of sensations, impulses, emotions, thoughts, etc. That we cannot argue with. This carrying forward of subjective and objective activities we see reflected in the midst of, and in spite of, outer daily living. 

But we are also beings of love, light, and power, some would argue. We are humans - that alone carries a great magnitude and measure of purpose. Shouldn't this alone signify a great deal to be grateful for and how we should be exerting ourselves to complete this primary purpose or destiny of ours?

“In our present chaotic world of technology and mass culture, the individual too often feels lost and meaningless. Our new vision of destiny can restore his sense of significance. He can see himself as part of a vaster whole, an enduring process, hopefully directed. By his own efforts he can help in its maintenance and by realizing his own individual possibilities he is contributing his unique quota of actual fulfillment.” (Julian Huxley, The Destiny of Man, p.90) 

Your triumphant state is important for the general good. The more we can liberate ourselves from the reactions and stimulation that seek to draw us away from our source of being, and learn to harness our inner state of still and centered being-ness - essentially, to "attain and conquer" a level of inner liberation from outer happenings - the more content we will be with the inner structures of our being and realize that "Humanity itself is the key to all evolutionary processes and to all correct understanding of the divine Plan, expressing in time and space the divine Purpose." (Telepathy, pp. 126-127)

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” (Pema Chodron)

Likewise, it was Ram Dass who said our "emotions are like waves. Watch them disappear in the distance on the vast calm ocean." If we compare our thoughts to passing clouds in the sky, observing them come and go, and our emotions to the waves in the ocean, the waters intensifying as we become flooded with emotion and becoming smooth and limpid when we are in a state of calm, what does this say and reflect about ourselves? Well, we are not our thoughts, and we are not our emotions. We have thoughts, and we have emotions, just like we have this body. But we are something more than that which we possess and are acutely aware of . We move beyond the realm of the ceaseless flow of psychological contents... and find that in "the experience of the spiritual Self is a sense of freedom, of expansion, of communication with other Selves and with reality, and there is the sense of Universality. It feels itself at the same time individual and universal." (Assagioli, Psychosynthesis, pp. 18-19 and 86- 87). 

As Assagioli so intriguingly writes: "The self, that is to say, the point of pure self-awareness, is often confused with the conscious personality,... but in reality it is quite different from it. This can be ascertained by the use of careful introspection. The changing contents of our consciousness (the sensations, thoughts, feelings, etc.) are one thing, while the “I,” the self, the center of our consciousness is another.... This Self is above and unaffected by the flow of the mind-stream or by bodily conditions; and the personal conscious self should be considered merely as its reflection, its “projection” in the field of the personality."

This Self, or Soul, whatever we wish to call it, is like the sky itself, the ocean, the vast sea of energy and impulse that draws us forth every time we wake up. It can even be connoted to the existence of a permanent center, of a true Self situated beyond or “above” it (the contents of our personality or lower ego). For we contain not just nature in her manifested forms, but also the unseen forms, or consciousness, that make up the atomic matter of the Universe. And we are made up of these very  tiny atoms that have, through their creative evolutionary unfoldment, consummated to make the definite contribution as human life. This has reference to the past, to the present and to the future of every manifested life. 

“Every form of divine life, the infinitesimally small and the infinitely great, veils or hides a fraction of spiritual energy.” (The Light of the Soul, p. 129)  

We are divine in origin and in goal. Welcome this new day as a divine gift and give it the strength of your inner light - thus achieved when you, the spiritual Self, are in control of the structures behind your efforts. The physical is divine if used divinely. The comprehension of our Soul nature - or true Self - and the harmonious integration and interplay of the bodies - mental, astral, etheric - leads to our eventual liberation. We are free to be complete as we are - with our personality form and its faculties at our soul disposition.

“When the objective form and the Soul have reached a condition of equal purity, then is At-one-ment achieved and liberation results.” (The Light of the Soul, p. 368)